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An exciting new partnership was formed between the South African Training Academy Group (SATA) and Maccauvlei on Vaal, a well established conference and training facility in Vereeniging. SATA is a registered Private Further Education and Training Institution with the Education Training and Development Practice SETA.

SATA will be offering In House and Public training interventions, and Maccauvlei on Vaal will become the Campus of Choice for all their public training interventions. In future plans, Maccauvlei on Vaal will also become the Main Campus for the Higher Education Company. Comprising of ample accommodation (94 rooms), SATA will utilise this for their distance learning component.

Maccauvlei on Vaal is excited about this new venture, and believe it will be mutually beneficial for both companies. Maccauvlei on Vaal, previously known as Maccauvlei Learning Academy, was a training centre for Anglo American for over 26 years, and consists of all the facilities necessary for education in this form. SATA and Maccauvlei on Vaal are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

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DCD, niche heavy engineering manufacturer, held their annual golf day at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club on 6 September 2012 with a different swing to it. With DCD being one of the prominent companies in the Vaal Triangle and leading supplier of specialist heavy engineering products in South Africa, their golf day was aimed at enjoying a business to business game of golf and also to launch one of their most recent defense vehicles, the Springbuck. As a company that represents the number one shipyard and the biggest ring mill in Africa, the day promised to be quite the event.

DCD’s Public Relations and Brand Coordinator, Natacha Templeman, has once again outdone herself with the planning and arrangement of the golf day. Unfortunately crisis management had to step in, with the weather barely allowing guests to hit one ball. DCD’s clients were entertained at the Riviera on Vaal Country Club while waiting for the rain to pass with high hopes that they would be able to tee off at noon. Unfortunately the rain did not allow much golfing, but dinner still topped off a day of good business connections and DCD was still able to celebrate their newly developed brand structure with some of their top clients. Templeman stated that she was stoked to see how many invitees pitched for the golf day considering the bad weather. “Only eight people did not pitch,” she said excited. The rainy weather allowed for ample time for the men and women to gather around the country club’s tables and discuss some business and DCD’s future.

DCD has had numerous growth changes during the past few years, including the changing of their name from DCD-Dorbyl to a more concise DCD in January 2012. Together with their rebranding, they now also operate under four clusters, which include rail, mining & energy, defence and marine. DCD Wind Energy is the first company in South Africa to start and complete the manufacturing of 50 meter blades. The philosophy behind DCD is to create as much jobs and skills development in the local community as possible. Furthermore, DCD is also very active with regards to training programmes and increasing the skills pool in South Africa. They have invested R35 million in a proprietary Public Benefit Organisation named KhulaNathi Empowerment (KNE), which focuses on specific work needs, processes and methodologies. In addition to this they also have ongoing education and training initiatives and DCD aims on multi-skilling employees at all levels through these. DCD endeavors to provide their employees with not just a job, but careers and growth.

DCD launched the new Springbuck defense vehicle on the golf day at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club, which is one of the great achievements of the newly restructured company’s defense cluster. This vehicle was designed with the aim on enlarging DCD’s footprint in the Africa countries. It is unique in being one of the few vehicles that is more affordable, yet not inferior in its offerings DCD would like to industrialize and decrease the pricing of the Springbuck even further. This new addition to DCD Protected Mobility’s products will also be showcased at Africa Aerospace and Defense 2012 from 19 to 21 September.

Another defense vehicle, the Mountain Lion, was also showcased at Riviera on Vaal during their celebrations. This vehicle has proven to be very successful, being the only vehicle in its caliber to finish the Summer Trail the first time around. Competing against large companies such as Renault, this was a great achievement for DCD. Andrew Mears, General Manager of DCD Protected Mobility, stated that the Mountain Lion, similar to the other vehicles on the Summer Trail, got stuck in the mud, but was the only vehicle able to work its way out on its own. Mears says that the Mountain Lion has been developed from the needs identified from DCD’s Husky route clearance equipment and contains an optimal balance required for a very specific niche. The Mountain Lion is ideally suited for peacekeeping, peace enforcement and policing type operations.

With protected mobility such as DCD’s defense vehicles, there is no doubt that DCD is one of the top manufacturers in the heavy engineering industry.


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