Vintage pencil sharpeners at Maccauvlei on Vaal

Vintage pencil sharpener

It is not every day that you find usable pencil sharpeners on display in a conference room; let alone vintage hand-cranked pencil sharpeners. Maccauvlei on Vaal differentiates itself in that it offers conferencing delegates these kinds of services which not only attend to their needs, but also takes them back to times long forgotten.

With Maccauvlei on Vaal’s rich history, it is only natural to encourage their guests to relive times that have been long forgotten while visiting this lovely country conference venue. Maccauvlei on Vaal has therefore decided not to add pens to the conference amenities, but pencils, to still be able to use these vintage pencil sharpeners available in the conference venues. It will not only create many tongue-in-cheek moments amongst Maccauvlei on Vaal’s conferencing delegates, but it will also remind them how much things have evolved over the years.

If you plan on conferencing at Maccauvlei on Vaal, do not forget to sharpen your pencil every once in a while!

Interesting facts:

Did you know that the first patent for a pencil sharpener was designed in 1828?

In May 2011, tourism officials in Ohio put hundreds of pencil sharpeners in display which had been collected by Reverend and World War II veteran, Paul Johnson, who died in 2010. The oldest of these pencil sharpeners was 105 years old.

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About Maccauvlei on Vaal

A welcoming country venue in the Vaal, that offers quality conference and accommodation. Open to leisure and conference guests, Maccauvlei on Vaal has an extensive list of entertaining features including golfing packages, sport group accommodation, bird watching, wedding options, photography weekends, culture weekends, future self-catering facilities and more.

For more information please contact:

Renate de Villiers


Mario Milani Drive

Vereeniging, Gauteng, 1930


Phone:   016 420 1300

Fax:         016 455 6125


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